Wednesday, December 7

Adoption Continued . . .

Hey everyone, sorry I've been so MIA but life is busy and that's all there is to it. HOWEVER, if you want to own your very own monster that you've seen featured on my site just reach out to me at erica at knitsasmallworld dot com and I'd be happy to take commissioned work! I can't guarantee anything completed for the Christmas season but I'm sure your loved ones would enjoy a very Happy Birthday or Anniversary or Arbor Day monster over the coming year!

Happy Holidays and hugs and kisses!


Thursday, September 8

Ooo You're an Angry Monster!

Dot Attack!

Dot got a little testy during our photo shoot today. I accidentally shot her from her bad side. Color me embarrassed!

Tuesday, August 9

Adopt A Monster!

So here it is, your chance to own an Erica-knit monster.  Meet Begonia and Baldwin!

These little guys are just dying to find a happy home and I hope you'll be the lucky one to give it to them.  By purchasing your very own monster you will not only be the envy of all your friends but you'll be helping me out in a big way!  It's no secret that times are tough, so 100% of the proceeds from monster sales will be financing my November trip to Horror Hound Weekend in Cincinnati, OH.  Not only do you get the warm fuzzies from helping send me to "camp" but you get a totally awesome hand-made item in return!  It's a win/win situation.

How do you go about getting your monster?  Here are the details:

Each monster stands 8 inches tall, 6 inches wide and will run you $25 (plus $7 domestic shipping and handling, up to two monsters; international shipping available, price upon request; hand delivery at HHWCincy also available).  They are made from 100% Acrylic Yarn (color of your choice, see choices below), stuffed with 100% Polyester Fiberfill and are fully machine washable. Their eyes are locking safety eyes and their felt teeth are held on tight with fabric glue making these little guys very kid friendly.

To order just copy, complete and email the form below to erica at knitsasmallworld dot com:

Shipping Address:
Yarn Color:
Add a Hair Bow or Bow Tie (+$7):    
      2nd Yarn Color:
Add Stripes (2 color) (+$10):
      2nd Yarn Color:
Add Stripes (3 color) (+$15):
      2nd Yarn Color:    
      3rd Yarn Color:

I'll be completing them on a first come, first knit basis.  So the sooner you email, the sooner you'll receive your little guy or gal.  If you are gifting it and need it by a certain date please let me know in your email and I will try my best to accommodate.   Once you email me your completed form, I'll reply with your total cost, payment info and delivery estimate.  I can't wait to start knitting for you!  

*Please note, monsters will not be constructed until payment is received due to their custom nature.  And once again, these monsters are derived from those featured at Danger Crafts, Rebecca Danger rocks my socks.  

Monday, August 1

Do YOU want your very own monster!?

I have a pretty epic plan in the works to not only make each one of your the owner of your very own monster but to help me in a great big way.  Stay tuned for an announcement of my plan this week!  I'm quite excited about it :)

Wednesday, July 20

A Shiny Birthday

Okay, this is the last post I'm going to bother apologizing for it being so long in.  Clearly I am not the most prolific blogger.  Life has a tendency to get in the way.  So here is one big I'M SORRY that I post so infrequently.  Now onto the knitting.

The end of May marks many things: the beginning of summer, Memorial Day, permission to wear white for the next few months.  But quite possibly the biggest event that the end of May brings is the birthday of my very best friend, Lisa.  We've exchanged a number of gifts over the years and I find that we tend to get excited to top last year's present on each occasion (or at least I do).  Obviously handmade is the best way to top ANYTHING so Lisa got a very special Firefly themed gift this year.  (If you are unfamiliar with Joss Whedon's Firefly series please do yourself a favor and go check it out immediately!)

First off, the gift included a framed cross-stitch from one of the best pattern stores on Etsy - Wee Little Stitches.  I can't say enough good things about Wee Little Stitches, I've stitched both the Firefly pattern and The Big Bang Theory pattern and both were incredibly accurate and adorable in every way.

Also, included was a hand knit replica of Jayne's cunning hat from the episode "Jaynestown."  Now, if you know me at all  then you know how insanely detail oriented I am.  If I am going to replicate something I go full throttle, no shortcuts!  So you can imagine how long I spent in Michaels trying to find the perfect three colors to exactly replicate Jayne's mom-made hat.  I am amped on the final choices and with a little help from Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe (which was a totally awesome find) I was able to package it perfectly in a box that clearly traveled far across the Verse.

Lisa's present included another tidbit or two that I'll save for another post, don't want to get you all overwhelmed with too many exciting knits in one post!  Also, just to throw a small tease out there, I just finished a monster that is almost THREE times as large as Hugo is!  I can't wait to share him here!

Pattern - There are loads of free hat patterns all over ravelry, I printed a few and combined them to get the look I wanted
Yarn - Lion's Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick super bulky (6) in Spice and Pumpkin and Loops & Threads Cozy Wool super bulky (6) in Golden Rod
Needles - Size 9

Tuesday, June 14

Baby Fever!

Apparently lots of people were bored last summer, because I know a surprising amount of people who had babies this spring.  Two of these wonderful people include Alicia (good friend and college roommate) and Mel (first lady of podcasting and generally great person). Clearly, I had to gift these lovely ladies (& their hubbies) with some fun gifts!

First up is Alicia's bouncing baby boy, Antonio Jr (AJ for short).  AJ is the first baby born to one of the 3B ladies of McMahon Hall and that makes his Aunties Erica, Lisa & Lindsey very proud!  AJ, mommy Alicia and daddy Antonio received my largest knitting project to date.  It took me about three months but I completed my second ever baby blanket (the first baby blanket was not anything to write home about and was before I started my blog so we'll just gloss over that one)!

In addition to the blanket my gift included an adorable print from Etsy shop Sarah and Abraham.  Their shop has loads of really cute prints and personalized stationary and all sorts of other goodies so be sure to follow the link and check them out!

The two items made their way down to South Carolina back in April and Alicia let me know that baby AJ loves his new blanket and the print is hanging happily above his crib.

Next on the baby agenda is Travis William.  I know Travis' parents (Mel & Bill) thanks to dear friend Emily (visit her at Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense) and her recommendation that I start listening to a little podcast called Outside the Cinema.  Two years, numerous conventions and lots of drunk voicemails later and I had the absolute honor of designing this Prince of Podcasting's birth announcement.

Being the movie fans they are, Mel and Bill wanted Travis' announcement to look like a movie poster.  I took some guidance from an example Mel sent me and ran with it. Be sure to view it bigger and admire all the wonderfully personal details included on it. It was so much fun to design and I am excited to do some more design for the Fulkersons in the future!

That's all I have for this post, although I think it is my longest to date!  Congrats to these and all other other proud parents, there are too many of you to list!

Pattern - Sunny Baby Blanket from TLC
Yarn - Lion Brand Vanna's Choice worsted weight (4) in Little Boy Blue
Needles - Size 8 

Friday, May 27

All Tied Up

Taking a quick break from monsters to bring you a bow!  I love big (slightly obnoxious) hair accessories and this one is pretty great.  It knit quite quickly (a couple of hours) and is absolutely adorable.  I love the look of the seed stitch (k1, p1, etc.) but don't think I'll be attempting anything much bigger than this bow using it.  It is the most tedious stitch ever! Anyway, enjoy!  (Excuse my poor modeling skills)

PatternA Common Thread Blog (also available for free on Ravelry)
Yarn - Lion Brand Vanna's Choice worsted weight (4) in Eggplant
Needles - One (1) size 8 circular needle (knit flat)